Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Steve Titman

Topics: Council budget. Bus Cuts. Local youth football team raise cash for Algarve trip. Promo: BBC programme about immigrants and gangmasters in Wisbech. Peterborough Cathedral Choir live on BBC radio 3. Waste plant locals offered sweeteners. NHS Peterborough communication issues. Natural cures for shingles and eczema.

Interviewees: Steven Goldspink Peterborough City Cllr. Salamao Silva Gunthorpe Harriers. Evan Davis Dragons Den. Tom Trevarthen Peterborough Youth Council. Paul Phillipson Peterborough City Council. Andrew Reid Director of Music Peterborough Cathedral Choir. David Seaton Peterborough City Cllr. Dan Rogerson LibDem MP. Jackie Hanratty NHS Peterborough. Michael Van Straten Health Guru.

Brands Mentioned:  PREL. Stella. Playstation.