Presenter: Andy Gall

Topics:  Traffic problems at Peterborough Garden Park. Chewing gum left under pews at St Peter and All Souls Church. Council purchase of Peterborough United Football Ground: valuation questioned. Nelson Mandela anniversary celebrations. Possible new LIDL store in Eastfield: procedural issues. Peterborough Hospital E-Card service is popular. Marmot Review of health inequalities. New woodland planned at Sacrewell Farm.

Interviewees: Eric Kirk Peterborough Garden Park. Father David Jennings St Peter and All Souls. Peter Ndoro BBC World Service.  Steven Goldspink Peterborough City Cllr. Lesley Crosby NHS Peterborough. Peter Hiller Peterborough City Council. Anne Clipstone Welland Residents’ Association. Dr Jessica Allen Marmot Review. Mike Rooney Sacrewell Farm. Ronan Hegarty Grocer Magazine. Diana O’Carroll The Naked Scientists.

Companies Mentioned:  Peterborough Garden Park. LIDL. GVA Grimley.  IKEA. Riverford Organics. ALDI. Netto.