BBC Peterborough Election Coverage 2010

How the Paul Stainton Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire handles the upcoming 2010 elections.

How the Paul Stainton Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire handles the upcoming 2010 elections, with particular reference to the Peterborough city constituency and its party spokespersons.

Frances Fox UKIP
Stewart Jackson Conservative
Rob King English Democrats
Ed Murphy Labour
Fiona Radic Green Party
Nick Sandford Libdem
(Dave Strickson BNP – disbarred)
John Swallow Independent

Week One:

Top Election Stories:
The Electoral Reform Society says that the result of the upcoming General Election is a  foregone conclusion and that the Conservatives will win the seat.

AirTime: (week)
Stewart Jackson: 8 minutes.
Ed Murphy: 4  minutes ( 8 minutes shared with Nick Sandford).
Nick Sandford: 4 minutes (8 minutes shared with Ed Murphy).
Others: nil.


Week Two:

Top Election Stories:
The Parties launch their Manifestos.

AirTime: (week)
Frances Fox: 8 minutes.
Stewart Jackson 6 minutes. (50% of Shailesh Vara)
Ed Murphy: 6 minutes.
John Swallow: 5 minutes.
Nick Sandford: 9 minutes.
Fiona Radic 6 minutes.
Rob King 2 minutes. (4 minutes shared with Steven Goldspink)
(Dave Strickson BNP disbarred): 0

Week Three:

Top Election Stories:
A televised debate between the Leaders of the three main parties causes Cleggmania.

AirTime: ( week)
Frances Fox 4 minutes. (2 from the Big Election Debate and 50% of Robert Brown)
Stewart Jackson 20 minutes. (one third of one hour)
Ed Murphy:  22 minutes. (one third of one hour and 50% of Chris York)
John Swallow: 2 minutes.  (from the Big Election Debate)
Nick Sandford: 24 minutes. (one third of one hour + 50% of Kevin Wilkins)
Fiona Radic 2 minutes. (from the Big Election Debate)
Rob King 2 minutes. (from the Big Election Debate)
(Dave Strickson disbarred) BNP: 1 minute (policy quote in the Big Election Debate)


Week Four:

Top Election Stories:
Brown “bigot” remark.

AirTime: ( week)
Frances Fox: 3 minutes
Stewart Jackson: 8 minutes. (+ 4 minutes – 50% of Shailesh vara)
Ed Murphy: 5 minutes
John Swallow: 3 minutes.
Nick Sandford: 6 minutes.
Fiona Radic: 3 minutes
Rob King 3 minutes.

Week Five:

Top Election Stories:
Tactical voting.

AirTime: ( week)
Frances Fox:
Stewart Jackson:
Ed Murphy:
John Swallow:
Nick Sandford:
Fiona Radic:
Rob King 3 minutes. (50% of Steven Goldspink)


AirTime: ( campaign)

Frances Fox UKIP: 15 minutes.
Stewart Jackson Conservative: 46 minutes.
Rob King English Democrats: 15 minutes.
Ed Murphy Labour: 37 minutes.
Fiona Radic Green Party: 11 minutes.
Nick Sandford Libdem: 43 minutes.
(Dave Strickson BNP disbarred): 1 minute.
John Swallow Independent: 9 minutes.



Frances Fox UKIP: 3007
Stewart Jackson Conservative: 18133
Rob King English Democrats: 770
Ed Murphy Labour: 13272
Fiona Radic Green Party: 523
Nick Sandford Libdem: 8816
John Swallow Independent: 406

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