BBC Election Reminder UKIP Bad Labour Good

four_legs_good13:00 Tuesday 30th April 2013
Lunchtime News
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

[N]EWSREADER: Cambridgeshire goes to the polls for the County Council elections this week. The County Council is currently run by the Conservative Party, which holds 39 of the 69 councillor seats. The Leader of the Labour Party in Cambridgeshire, Paul Sales says they’re not looking to take over the Council. (TAPE)
PAUL SALES: You’ve got to be realistic about it. We’re going to be a minority party. We’re going to be a minority party, but a minority party has an important role to play, and most of that, unfortunately, is unseen. It’s in committee. It’s our responsibility to hold the administration to account, and you do that through the various scrutiny committees. (LIVE)
NEWSREADER: The UK Independence Party has suspended one of its candidates standing in Somerset in this week’s local elections because of newspaper photos apparently showing him giving a Nazi salute. <redacted>┬ásays his Facebook account was hacked into, and the images have been completely taken out of context in the campaign against UKIP.