BBC Cambridgeshire Breakfast Show Programme Summary 6th June 2013

A summary of the final two hours of the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast Show broadcast on Thursday 6th June 2013. Topics include Peterborough City Council plans for solar and wind energy from converted arable land, Government attempts to maximise occupancy of rented public housing and sightings of celebrities locally.

07:00 – 09:00 Thursday 6th June 2013
Bigger Breakfast Show
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

07:07 – A meeting held in Newborough opposes Peterborough City Council plans to convert farmland to solar and wind energy. Mike Greene Secret Millionaire chaired the meeting and is quoted as saying the Council is running an ego-driven dictatorship that is destroying the city with crackpot schemes.

07:08 – BBC journalist sums up the project as it stands. A Council planning meeting will be held in ten days time. Archeology is an issue. Council has recruited a costly London barrister to speed the plan through. Recorded voxpop unanimously opposes the plans. Council Leader Marco Cereste recorded defends hiring a barrister to push this through. Projected cost and returns outlined. Council arguments summarised. City Council unavailable for comment.
07:13 Caller says plan is codswallop. Caller says solar plans should be on roofs not farmland.
07:18 – Government plans to reshuffle council housing tenants to fill properties reviewed by Mick Leggat Cross Keys Homes and East 7. Investigation shows plans in present form are impractical and ineffective and stressful for tenants. Freedom to sell and build and extend preferred. Policy revision required.
07:27 Meldreth Metal Hill former travellers site: Meldreth Parish Council Steve Hawkins discusses various proposals for the use of the land. Allotments are favourite amongst locals. Other ideas mooted. Public consultation next.
07:39 – A Paul Stainton project to organise an enormous ground share between Peterborough United FC and ┬áCambs City FC and Cambs United FC. Hunts DC Jason Ablewhite recorded says Huntingdon is a great location. Sites are available. Affable local millionaire Peter Dawe interviewed says a floating stadium on pontoons may be the ideal solution.
07:51 Celebrity excitement concerning a visit to this area by Matt Damon and George Clooney. Voxpop. Caller records meeting both just this Sunday at a gym. Pandemonium reported.
07:58 – People dressed at ants roam Cambridge to promote an app. which identifies flash deals in the locality.

08:08 – Newborough locals oppose Council plans for solar and wind farms – Secret Millionaire Mike Green recording listed earlier – states Council do not understand finance or recognise status of public money – Council Leader Marco Cereste defends spending tens of thousands on a London barrister – Chris Jardine Environmental Change Institute and Oxford University lecturer – says these are an attractive investment when backed by Govt – projected income discussed – is entirely in favour and an advocate of climate change and the global warming argument – offers ideas for roof mounted panels and solar on fields which permit agriculture beneath –
08:16 – Commenter says agriculture is a priority.
08:18 – Caller once met Elvis Presley.
08:22 – Caller once saw BBC Alice Roberts in America.
08:23 – Govt plans to reshuffle tenants to maximise housing occupany – Mick Leggatt tape – Cambridge University Department of Land Economy Christine Whitehead interviewed carried out research which confronts the issue and concludes current arrangements are ineffective and impractical. Findings passed on to Government. There is a shortage of smaller properties. Big issue is London v The Rest – London is overcrowded –
08:27 – Govt announces plans to allow local residents more power to block wind farms which could conceivably detrimentally affect Peterborough Council scheme to evict farmers to install renewable energy. BBC reporter outlines the changes. Peterborough Council is mainly relying on wind to deliver the economic benefit. The solar panel income is minimal in comparison.
08:31 – Commenter refers to new EU legislation opposing Chinese solar panels with special tariffs which could also scupper Peterborough Council plans.
08:33 – Further sightings of celebrities.
08:40 – Andy Harper Show preview.
08:52: – Voxpop on using arable land for energy generation unanimously oppose the idea. Return on investment said to be derisory. Outlay on legal advice condemned. Top quality arable land is for food. New generation of farmers required. Council statement read out again claims it’s value for money.
08:54: – Caller reminds listeners of controversy surrounding the mining of rare earth minerals in China for solar panels.
08:54 – Caller is all in favour of wind and nuclear or cut energy usage.
08:56 – Further celebrity sightings.