16:45 Wednesday 20th June 2012
Richard Spendlove Show
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire:

RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Give us a call if you like. .. It will be a delight to talk to you, as it will very shortly be a delight to talk to somebody else, but he’s not ready yet, because he’s a little bit behind. .. Are you alright?
CHRIS MANN: Young man. How are you?
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Are you .. were you .. just a minute. Were you impr .. did you .. a few minutes ago did you hear .. have you .. did you record it for your programme?
CHRIS MANN: I always listen to everything you say Richard..
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Well I fervently hope that you’re going to ..
CHRIS MANN: Honestly.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE:(LAUGHS) I just hope that you’re going to slip that little football interview into the content of your programme.
CHRIS MANN: I’ll do my best.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Because, you now, I mean, it was one of my better ones.
CHRIS MANN: Richard, you’re an inspiration to me.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Well, I do the best I can. (LAUGHS) I think the sports editor was a bit jealous actually when he ..
CHRIS MANN: He’s out there at the moment actually. He’s hanging around …
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: He’s hanging around.
CHRIS MANN: Looking for crumbs …
CHRIS MANN: .. of information.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: I think he’s waiting for me to come off air because he wants my ..
CHRIS MANN: Yes. Your input.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Oh aye. Absolutely.
CHRIS MANN: Tell him about the dominos, the live dominos.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: (LAUGHS) That’s a funny .. I’ll tell you a funny thing about that. Now let’s see. Just after The War I think, when all the guys were coming back from The War ..
CHRIS MANN: Which war?
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: .. and they were trying to get jobs on the BBC. Last war.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: And apparently they were all doing their little bit. And the guy who was listening to the auditions was in a room upstairs, with a window that looked down, but which he couldn’t see until he got away from his desk. And he said everybody .. there were these people like Tony Hancock and that were coming in there, were doing all their auditions. And he said all of a sudden he said there was a pause, and he said he heard some shuffling and messing about downstairs. So he said he had to go over to the glass and look through the glass and look down onto the stage where the auditions were being held (BECOMES CONVULSED WITH MIRTH) And it was some bloke .. there was a bloke juggling .. (CANNOT CONTINUE DUE TO LAUGHTER)
CHRIS MANN: Yes. Always works. Always works on radio.
CHRIS MANN: Do you know there were some very successful radio ventriloquists, back in the day?
CHRIS MANN: Massive stars they were. I don’t quite know how that works myself.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: I don’t, because what was his name, Peter Brough. When he was on the television he couldn’t do it properly. So on the radio I just presume he just did it.
CHRIS MANN: Just extraordinary.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Probably earned a king’s ransom by today’s standards as well for doing it. Anyway ..
CHRIS MANN: You got a dress allowance in the old days didn’t you, for wearing a bow tie.
CHRIS MANN: Had to wear a bow tie.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Now we don’t get it you see. We wear a tie, and we don’t get any money for it. You might as well not wear one.
CHRIS MANN: I wonder what people imagine we’re wearing right now.
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Indeed. I wonder if they do.
CHRIS MANN: That colour suits you, that frock. (THEY LAUGH)
RICHARD SPENDLOVE: Are you alright then?
CHRIS MANN: Yes. Tonight, we’re talking about …