Annie McManus on Early Rising

10:08 Wednesday 5th January 2011 BBC Radio One.

ANNIE MCMANUS: Good morning. Hello. It is day three of the In New Music We Trust takeover here on BBC Radio One. It is Annie, AnnieMac with you ’till twelve forty five this morning. It’s been quite an episode already today just getting into work. I find it very difficult to get out of bed this morning, and I blame that all on Giles Peterson. That’s not supposed to be rude whatsoever, but I did listen to his show last night from ten ’till twelve. Absolutely loved it, then took ages to wind down. So slept late, and then this morning woke up, didn’t know what was going on, left in a real tizz, all my hair looking like I’d been dragged through a bush, kind of the weirdest outfit on ever. Got to the tune station, oh, I don’t have my Oyster Card. Oh, I don’t have my wallet. Oh, ring producer Rachel. OK Rachel, everything’s fine, it’s OK, I’m just going to get on my bike. It’s cool. I’m going to go home, I’m going to get on my bike. I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Go home. Can I find my bike keys? My lock? Oh no I can’t. So I have to go and get my wallet, get my Oyster Card, literally run to the Tube, get on the Tube and got to work with about seven minutes to spare? So here I am, and the most dangerous thing of all is that I’ve got a latte.