All Roads Lead To Rome

07:40 Monday 7th April 2014
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

[P]AUL STAINTON: A new programme has been launched aimed at finding innovative solutions to the challenges Peterborough will face in the coming years. Businesses can now apply for funding to develop and test ideas to address problems like spitting in public places and the unhealthy nature of fast food. Let’s speak to Steve Bowyer from Opportunity Peterborough, running the project. It’s called Brainwave. Can you describe exactly how it works.
STEVE BOWYER: Basically you can register on the portal and you can put up any challenge you think the city faces. So it might be around waste. it might be around energy production. Whatever.


PAUL STAINTON: So it’s a bit like a dating website for ideas.
STEVE BOWYER: Sort of. Yes. Yes. And then what we also do is if you’re a funder, so if you’re a business angel or a venture capitalist, or anything like that, you too can register on that. And if you tag your interests as things like waste or energy or whatever.


PAUL STAINTON: What sort of ideas are on there already? What are the challenges we’re trying to find solutions for at the moment?
STEVE BOWYER: Good ideas on there, good challenges on there around energy and waste and actually how do we create a circular economy where our waste is used better locally.


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