Citizen Power “A Mirage”

citizen smith07:10 Monday 7th February 2011
Peterborough Breakfast Show BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

PAUL STAINTON: this morning we’re also asking if the Big Society is working anywhere, and especially here in Peterborough. A review will be presented later on the city’s seven Neighbourhood Councils, which cost the Council over £200,000 a year. But the criticisms are, are enough people turning up to make them worthwhile? At the same time, Council is spending a quarter of a million pounds over two years on Citizen Power Peterborough, which is also tasked with getting residents more involved in shaping the city’s future. Last week, of course, Liverpool Council gave up on the Big Society. So what should we do in Peterborough? On the line to discuss this, one of the councillors behind the review into Neighbourhood Councils, English Democrat Stephen Goldspink. Morning Stephen.
PAUL STAINTON: Shall we just get rid of it? It seems like it’s a dead dog. Continue reading “Citizen Power “A Mirage””

The Royston Express

First Capital Connect17:58 Friday 4th February 2011
Drivetime BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

ANDY BURROWS: The people of Royston can now travel on their own train. The Royston Express was named today, in a special ceremony, which also marked the opening of a longer platform at Royston. Well earlier, I spoke to Roger Perkins from First Capital Connect, and asked him to explain more. Continue reading “The Royston Express”

Council Merger Talks

17:12 Friday 4th February 2011
Drivetime BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

ANDY BURROWS: Reports today that three district councils in Cambridgeshire could merge. Fenland, East Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire District Councils are said to be considering coming together in a bid to save money. We can speak to the Leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council now. He’s Cllr. Fred Brown. Evening to you Fred.
FRED BROWN: Good evening Andy.
ANDY BURROWS: Well, I suppose, are you considering combining some services? Continue reading “Council Merger Talks”

Peterborough City Council Consultants “on £1,300 a day”

07:08 Friday 4th February 2011
Peterborough Breakfast Show BBC Radio Cambridge

PAUL STAINTON: A report into Peterborough City Council’s use of consultants has been delayed again. It was due last November, then again this week. But it’s findings have now been pushed back to mid-March. The review started after local councillors expressed concern over the authorities’ £6.6 million spend on consultancy, over a period of nine months in 2009. Councillor Mike Fletcher submitted questions about consultancy use to the Council last January, and they still haven’t been answered. He’s with us this morning. Morning Mike. Continue reading “Peterborough City Council Consultants “on £1,300 a day””

Mary Beard on Events in Egypt

17:09 Thursday 3rd February 2011
Drivetime BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

ANDY BURROWS: We’ve spoken over the last few days to Raph Cormack, who’s from Cambridge, and has been studying in Arabic in Cairo. He’s been keeping us updated on what it’s been like out there for the last few days. .. His almost daily dialogue with us has been rather compulsive over the last few days. We can now speak to his mother, Mary Beard, who’s a professor at Cambridge University. Good evening to you Mary. Continue reading “Mary Beard on Events in Egypt”

The Peterborough City Council Consultant Spending Report Saga

An extraordinary series of delays are leading some to conclude that Peterborough City Council is stalling on delivery of its report into the massive amount of money it has been paying to a group of consultants.
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O&H Hampton Progress on Community Centre

07:51 Wednesday 2nd February 2011
Peterborough Breakfast Show BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

PAUL STAINTON: Work on the Hamptons community centre was delayed by the recession. That’s according to the developers, who have now cleared the site for the new facility. Suzy Roberts met Roger Tallowin from O&H Hampton at Hampton Vale Neighbourhood Centre. Continue reading “O&H Hampton Progress on Community Centre”

John Bridge on the A14

10:40 Wednesday 2nd February 2011
Andy Harper Show BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

ANDY HARPER: Well, it is chaos on Cambridgeshire’s roads again this morning, because of this accident on the A14. And it has a massive knock-on on the lives of people across the county. When the upgrade of the road was abandoned by the Government, it was proposed to improve it using private investment, possibly even a toll road. In November, John Bridge from Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, who was working on it, gave the chances of success as 50%. I wonder what they are now. John, good morning to you.
JOHN BRIDGE: Yes, good morning Andy.
ANDY HARPER: We often seem to speak to you John, when there’s chaos on the A14, which is of course far too often. And once again, people are saying look, something has got to be done. We know the Government aren’t going to spend any money on it, so what are our alternatives? Continue reading “John Bridge on the A14”